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Welcome to UBI Comp!

"UBI" is the acronym for "Useful Bits of Information", while "Comp" is a truncation of "Computer".

So, you've got it right; we provide free information for non-techies on this website. Our goal is to turn newbies into geeks!

We are a team of experienced trainers in the IT field. We help people acquire new tech skills, which help them live better lives, save time and increase their salaries.

A technician who is working in the information technology field earns, on average, up to $100,000 per year. We can help you achieve similar results.

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How to optimize your router

For most people, installing a new router is a quick, painless experience. And yet, few people know that wireless performance can be significantly improved by applying a few less known, and yet very effective tips.

Advanced users can replace the router antennas, or just reposition them using long sma extension cables and adapters, thus getting a significant signal strength increase, for example. But we'll just focus on simple tips for this article.

Everything begins with choosing the proper router. Spend as much time as you need to determine the best product that fits your budget and wish list. You don't have to purchase a new router, of course. Sometimes it is enough to upgrade its firmware! And if new firmware isn't available, you can easily install a third-party router OS, which will breathe new life into it.

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